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Thanks again for supporting The Wand that Rocks the Cradle! Today’s interview is with Michelle F Goddard, who contributed the short story “The Lake Cottage.” Enjoy!


If you had to tell someone, “If you like this person’s stories, you would like mine too,” who would you pick?

This is a heck of an opening statement to make. I’ll preface it by saying that I love exploring the extraordinary in the ordinary, doorways that open between worlds and open us to the strange or let the strange come for a visit. Authors like Neil Gaiman and Stephen King accomplish this in spades and I’d include Joss Whedon and his many television shows as well. George RR Martin has managed to bring dragons and magic into a story that is fundamentally about people and their relationship with power. I greatly admire that skill to tap into real issues while dealing with the fantastic. I try my best to explore that as well.

What attracted you to writing?

I think most, if not all writers were and are avid readers. I was one of those read at the dinner table kids, eyes riveted to the page, blind to all else. Even my mom remembers my reaction when I first readThe Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe, excitedly telling her all about the children and the magic wardrobe and how whenever I would find a wardrobe, I would check it thoroughly, not wanting to miss out on an opportunity for an adventure. So I suppose, as years went by I figured, if I wasn’t going to find Narnia, I’d create one myself. But truth be told, I still look at the back of wardrobes… just in case.

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