Just War Theory

“Weaponized Noncombatants, Child Soldiers, and the Problem of the Innocent Attacker.” Journal of Military Ethics, 2020.

Who May Fight Just Wars? Right Authority for States and Non-States. PhD dissertation, 2014. (Reformulating the traditional Just War principle of right authority to also apply to non-state groups.)

Seshat Global History Databank

Seshat is an effort led by Dr. Peter Turchin (the historian who was in the news for predicting political violence in 2020) to catalogue data about ancient and modern societies in a structured format, so that we can study the dynamics of history and learn more about patterns of societal development and inequality. I contributed as a consulting expert, compiling data on ancient Canaan, Iron-Age Israel, Iron-Age Phoenicia, and Hasmonean Israel.

With Jenny Reddish, “West Asia—The Levant,” chapter in Seshat History of the Axial Age (2019), link

With Peter Turchin et al., “An Introduction to Seshat: Global History Databank,” 5 Journal of Cognitive Historiography (2018), link

R Street Institute

“Reimagining Retirement for the Gig Economy,” white paper, 2016, link. (Advocating for portable employee benefits so that people can move between jobs without losing their benefits.)

“Freeing Investor Capital for Small Business,” white paper, 2015, link. (Examining the potential of crowdfunding, and suggesting ways to make it more accessible for investors.)