Politics for Worldbuilders

This is a work in progress. I will be using this page to collect and organize my various posts on politics, and to help figure out the structure of the eventual how-to book for authors that I mean to write. Feedback and commentary is most appreciated! (Sign up here if you want to know when the book is finished.)


The Power of Guiding Metaphors

When Do Societies Face Unrest?

The Talents of Others (on economic competition, envy, and social legitimacy)

The Social Effects of Weapon Technology (and How to Use in Writing)

On Revolutions in (Some) Fantasy Fiction

Tax Farming

Coordinated versus Liberal Market Economies

Bills of Exchange, Banking, and the Little Things

What’s the Point of English Aristocrats, You Ask?

Why Must Fantasy Always be Set in Huge Worlds?

Geography, Travel, and Power Projection



James C. Scott, The Art of Not Being Governed

Lewis Mumford, Technics and Civilization. Major ideas of which are summarized in The Homebrew Industrial Revolution, which is much shorter and also free; but Mumford is worth reading in the original as well.

P.W. Singer, Children at War

Leites and Wolf, Rebellion and Authority (a study of insurgencies)


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