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Thanks again for supporting The Wand that Rocks the Cradle! Today, our excerpt is from the beginning of “Legacy,” by Joanna Hoyt. Enjoy!

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May 20, 1954: California

David straightened up carefully. For a moment he let himself feel the pain in his spine and hips, the sweat sliding down his face and his back. Then he let those go and focused on Daniel, one row behind him, bent over the melon plants, his short-handled hoe moving quickly, rhythmically.

Daniel looked over as though he’d felt his father’s glance like a touch; straightened a little too fast, winced, smiled. Not the quick eager way he’d smiled when David said he was old enough to come and work. This was steadier, a little rueful and more than a little proud. David smiled back and bent to work again before Gord the crew boss could come over and shout at either of them.

He would have liked to offer his son some easier way of being a man, work that wouldn’t be hell on his joints, work that would let him marry a sweetheart and go home to her every night instead of leaving for months at a time. But that wasn’t what he had to give. And maybe, after all, there was no easy way.

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