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Here I go again. It’s August, and that means that I’m indulging in more NaNo goodness. Yes, it is time for another round of Camp Nanowrimo, where a plucky community of writing addicts try to write 50,000 words in the space of a single month. As always, quality takes a distant second place to quality: the point of the exercise is to get words on paper (or realistically, on hard drives) and not to let your inner critic strangle them in the crib. Once the words exist, they can be edited; after all, that is the essence of good writing anyway.

This month, I’ve got an awesome group of “cabin-mates,” and they’re definitely making this a more fun experience. Special mention goes to Kimtsan, who I think is singlehandedly carrying the group forward.

I hope that this month will provide another supercharge to my writing; and perhaps it can generate some fodder for this blog. Stay tuned…